Shop HiPP Formula Milks

Shop HiPP Formula Milks

Our range of infant milks contain all the nutrients your baby needs if they’re not being breastfed and are specially formulated using gentle organic ingredients. Gentle because no pesticides are used in the pastures where our cows graze.

Using over 60 years of nutritional research and the best organic ingredients we can find, to give you the best organic formula milk for your baby.

We're really proud our organic infant milks, which are produced sustainably in the world’s first carbon-neutral formula factory. Our packaging is environmentally friendly too – we’ve pledged to make all of our packaging fully recyclable by 2025. 

Please note: We would love to hear your opinion on our products and all our reviews are read by a member of the team, but due to UK law we are unable to publish reviews of infant or specialist milk and if you write a review it will not appear on the site.

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