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Our couriers are experiencing a much higher volume of parcels during this time and along with recent changes in tier restrictions, this has led to severe disruption, resulting in deliveries to the ROI taking far longer than expected.

To avoid any further disappointment, we have therefore temporarily suspended our delivery service to the ROI, but we will review this again in the New Year. 

It is possible that your delivery may take longer than normal during this time and we apologise if this is the case.  If you have any questions about your delivery, then please contact the Customer Care Team for our online shop on 0800 012 9079 or email them at hippshop@promotionalhandling.co.uk  and they will be able to help you further.



Over 60 Years of Organic

We’ve always been big on the little things.

From specially selected fruit and veg varieties to free-roaming cows, every little thing we do makes a big difference to our sustainable organic farms – and to every ingredient in our high quality baby feeding range.

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