HiPP Organic Gluten Free Jar Bundle 4mth+ & 6mth+ (6 x 125g)


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This 4mth+ & 6mth+ Gluten Free Jar Bundle is a great way for your little one to start their weaning journey with HiPP Organic.

The bundle includes some yummy HiPP Organic jars suitable for babies from 4mth+ and are all gluten free.

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Please note that there is a maximum of 5 cases per order.

Introduce your baby to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits during weaning. They will help contribute to a healthy balanced diet, providing essential vitamins and minerals. As weaning progresses, you should aim to provide at least 5 different vegetables and fruits a day. Portion sizes will be smaller than those recommended for adults in the "5 a day" campaign, but as a guide a toddler will probably have around 40g as a portion.

This bundle consists of:

  • 1 x Carrots, peas & cauliflower 4mth+ jar
  • 1 x Carrots & potato 4mth+ jar
  • 1 x Cheesy potato & spinach 6mth+ jar
  • 1 x Sweet squash & chicken 6mth+ jar
  • 1 x Banana & peach 4mth+ jar
  • 1 x Pure apples 4mth+ jar 



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